DFM builds relationships with communities around the world where women and children are vulnerable and in crisis to create lasting, sustainable change.

Our Focus

Degredation of women and girls

Unfortunately there are many places in the world where women are treated as expendable. This toxic culture leads to exploitation in every way imaginable. DFM and its partners help to cultivate a culture where each person is seen to have God-given human dignity, respect, and honor. 


Poverty can be the tipping point that sends women and children into crisis. The pressure of living on as little as $1.25 per day can leave women and children vulnerable to trafficking. DFM and its partners provide immediate assistance of food, clean water, and medical treatment. Then we provide the opportunity for skills training that will enable each woman to earn a dignified wage and become self-sustaining.

Human Trafficking

Millions of women and children are exploited every day as a result of human trafficking. DFM and its partners work to provide rescue and rehabilitation through our safe houses, training centers, and rescue homes. In addition, a strong emphasis is put on prevention through educational and economic improvement.

Our Approach

Our approach is both strategic and relational. We base all our work on building relationships with individuals and communities. Those relationships provide us with the context to strategically address the issues they are facing. This model is efficient and repeatable, but also provides unique solutions for each area. We developed this approach on three main principles:


We establish partnerships with local leaders in each community. Local leaders understand the resources of each community and have the ability to speak into the issues that the women and children in their area are facing.


We believe in sustainable change. Short-term solutions will only hurt communities in need. Our goal is to provide positive change for the women and children by meeting immediate needs such as food, clean water, and medical treatment. Then to follow up with long-term, sustainable transformation by offering education, skills training, counseling, mentoring, and much more.


Many factors lead women and children to a crisis point. Some are marginalized by their community, others are widowed, orphaned, abused, or neglected, and most have no one who is listening to their cries for help. We believe that helping the vulnerable before they become victims is an important part of our work. In each community, we reach out to those who are in need and help them find stability through life-skill and job-skill training. These opportunities not only create immediate change for the family but long-term change for generations to come.


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