Out of the Bowl


Recorded live at the first annual Dare for More Retreat, these sessions will challenge you to take a hard look at your personal walk with God. If we are not careful, we can spend our days in the safety and seclusion of boredom. Christ came that we might have an abundant life that is full of joy and excitement; not a safe life that is filled with dullness. Our relationship with Christ should not be predictable or boring. If it is, then we are the problem.

This series takes us on a journey that has us leaping out of our bowl in the power we have in Christ to chasing lions. Each session takes a hard look at our relationship with the great “I AM” and challenges us to the life that we were called to live. It’s not a safe life, it’s not without sorrow or pain, but it is the most thrilling adventure we will ever take.

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This is a download for 3 audio sessions recorded live at DFM Live.

  • Session 1 -- In Christ is Out of the Bowl
  • Session 2 -- The Present Active God
  • Session 3 -- Lion Chasers

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