Chasing Joy


Is anyone really full of joy? Sure we sing about it and quote verses about it, but how often do we experience it? Through the daily grind of washing dishes, picking up dirty socks, and sitting in traffic, how can we hold onto an allusive concept as joy?

But Scripture talks of joy. And when I am there in my chair, Bible in hand, before all the noise begins, I can almost catch a glimpse of it and for those moments I know in my heart joy is not a fantasy but a reality - the reality of the Christ follower. Then I get up ... jarred back into life - the ringing of the phone, the buzzing of the text, the piercing shout of my name. How can I take it with me out there? These sessions will help you find lasting joy in the midst of your chaos.

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These sessions were recorded at DFM Live.

Session 1: What is Joy?

Session 2: Why Don't We Experience True Joy?

Session 3: Living the Joy-Filled Life

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