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The Bible says we will live some aspects of our lives by faith and not by sight. This means we will not always understand who God is or why He is acting the way He is, so our trust in Him must override everything we are feeling. The fact that God promises to work things out for good for His children is one of those faith aspects. Throughout the Old and New Testaments, we see this principle taught repeatedly. And yet, we struggle to believe this in a world where so much pain and suffering exists. Or in our own lives when chaos seems to keep our days feeling out of control.

In these sessions, Reba takes the life of Joseph and teaches us how we can believe God for good despite the chaos. In each session, you will find encouragement for the journey, tools to help you trust God fully, and practical steps you can take to help you see God's divine wisdom active in your life.

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This is a physical set of 2 CDs. These sessions were recorded live at DFM Live.

  • Session One:  Good in Perspective
  • Session Two:  Too Good To Be True

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