Anchor for the Soul


We all long for stability in life and for the security that steadies our souls in times of distress. But how? We set our hopes and dreams on many things that end up disappointing us in the end. We struggle to keep our head above the water when things get tough. Although we know that we are children of the God of the universe, it seems he is far away when we cry out. But what if life could find stability and strength to go through troubled waters, as well as calm?

Using images of a boat out in the seas, Reba teaches four powerful lessons on how to have a life that is anchored and stable. In these lessons, you will analyze your current life anchors, learn how to establish your life in the Anchor of the Soul, take a close look into one of the most powerful storms a believer can face, and learn how to avoid the silent killer of drift.

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This is the audio version of 4 sessions.

  • Session 1  Who is Your Anchor?
  • Session 2  How Do You Set Your Anchor?
  • Session 3  An Anchor for the Storms
  • Session 4  The Power of Drift

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