In Zambia, Dare for More partners with WIPHAN (Widows + Orphans). WIPHAN provides education and training for widows and orphans in three different locations in the region.
The sponsorship program funds schools for the children that include a daily meal, access to a school nurse and a post-graduation mentoring program. 

When a student graduates, they stay connected with them and give them the opportunity to continue training in one of their programs for young adults. This includes job skill training in keyboarding, hospitality, and more.
WIPHAN also provides skills training for widows with no way to provide for their families. They learn to make hand crafted goods that can be sold to support their needs.
Dare for More partners with WIPHAN specifically to provide spiritual training and encouragement for the widows and the orphans. We host annual events for the young people and the adults as well as discipleship and leadership training for the entire WIPHAN staff.

Dare for More is a 501 (c)3 
non-profit organization

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