The mission of Dare for More Guatemala is to create an arm of prevention and intervention for women who are impacted by trafficking, abuse, and poverty. We give each woman the opportunity to heal, grow, and build sustainable lives for them and their children.

Bringing hope and healing

The problem

Abuse, poverty, and human trafficking are crisis points for women in Guatemala. In the past year, sexual assault and pregnancies due to rape have escalated. The shame and guilt that accompany this abuse drives women to hide their pregnancies, deliver their babies in fields, and abandon them to die.

the solution

Dare for More is starting a rescue and restoration work in Guatemala to give women a safe place to come and find hope and healing. 

The Vision

Our vision is to open safe houses and to establish Women's Training Centers in communities and villages throughout Guatemala.

Safe House

A safe house provides a life line for women survivors. It is a place where they can have their basic needs taken care of and stay for a short time until they find a safe place to live. But there is so much more at our safe house. A DFM safe house provides support services such as counseling, trauma informed care, and assistance with access to legal and medical help. We also walk women through a Bible-based curriculum so they can come to know the Lord and grow spiritually. They receive education and skills training so they can support and protect their families.
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Women's Training Center

Women's Training Centers (WTC) are vital if we are going to impact a community for the cause of Christ. These centers operate inside a village or community and serve the women in very specific ways. They provide similar support to the safe house without the housing component.

WTC provide open Bible studies where all women are invited to come and hear stories about God. They also have a 12 month program where women can come and learn several  skills. Upon graduation from the program, they are able to get jobs and provide for their families. 

We need your help

Why support the mission? Because every time a safe house is built and filled, more women and girls are safe. Every time a training center is established it means hundreds of women will learn a skill and find healing and hope through a relationship with Jesus.  When you support the mission you save lives. You stop evil. And you empower warriors who will lead the next generation to safety. Will you help us?
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Dare for More is a 501 (c)3 
non-profit organization

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