Help us build a room

The cost for each room includes the cost to build and first-year operations. 
The bigger rooms are broken down into smaller pieces to make it 
easier for you to get involved.

We need your help

A safe house provides a life line for women survivors. It is a place where they can have their basic needs taken care of and stay for a short time until they find a safe place to live. But there is so much more at our safe house. A DFM safe house provides support services such as counseling, trauma informed care, and assistance with access to legal and medical help. We also walk women through a Bible-based curriculum so they can come to know the Lord and grow spiritually. They receive education and skills training so they can support and protect their families.

How it works

You can build a room

Decide which room you would like to build and then select how you would like to give. Giving commitments for the sponsorship of any area can be completed in agreed-upon installments over the course of 2022. The sponsorship includes a plaque mounted in the donor's honor as well as the name added to the giving tree in the safe house.

You can adopt a room

When you adopt a room, you give monthly to support the cost of caring for the women and children who will live in that room. If you are interested in adopting the room that you built, then let us know and we will keep you informed as we work to establish the cost of caring for the women and children. 
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Why Guatemala?

Over 160 women were killed in the first 4 months of 2021 (average is over 1 per day).

Over 20,000 complaints of violence are reported annually.

Guatemala is #3 in the world for murder against women.

There are 10,000 registered rapes every year, and many more are unreported.

Abortion is illegal in Guatemala, but many are calling for this to change.

God is calling dfm to step into this darkness 
and offer hope and healing.

Dare for More is a 501 (c)3 
non-profit organization

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